Why Pro Photography and Videography?

Dave and Naomi Estment

Images and video are widely acknowledged as the leading means of marketing engagement at the moment, particularly across social media platforms. The secret to success, online and offline, lies in the quality of capture and implementation, which is where professional photography and videography plays a vital role. We’re here to assist you in maximizing the potential of these powerful resources in order to:

1. Convey an immediate, clear message – While outstanding copy is invaluable, its impact can be significantly enhanced by skilful imagery.

2. Capture the essence and personality of your business, offering personal connection with your clients – Nothing speaks more authentically than personalized images and your own words via expertly edited video.

3. Amplify your brand recognition – Images and video provide unsurpassed opportunities to expand your reach across multiple media.

4. Engage viewers and promote retention – Superb images are inherently emotive and memorable, and the audio aspect of video reinforces retention.

5. Promote trust in your customers and staff – People are drawn to and identify strongly with real people, captured in an attractive, creative way.

6. Educate and inform your audience – Significant insight can be conveyed in a short space of time through skilled crafting of imagery and video.

7. Elevate the perception of your products and services – Quality of imagery directly affects the aspirational value of products and services.

8. Enhance the appeal and uptake of your offers – All of the above benefits contribute directly to your bottom line success.

9. Encourage team appreciation and sense of ownership – Enhanced self-esteem and pride in belonging is a by-product of expert imagery.

10. Build relationships across the board – The strategic, personalized message embodied by professional images and video proves invaluable every time.

Professional Photography and Videography – Features

Achieving excellent results demands ongoing focus on the essential ingredients of great photographs and footage:

  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Originality
  • Attention to detail

. . . and the additional requirements for outstanding video:

  • Engaging script
  • Superb sound (voice-over, music)
  • Compelling creative elements (content, venue, background, titles, transitions, special effects)

For more insight on this subject, here is the link to a copy of my interview by Michelle Salater of Written by Sumer: Online Photo and Video Advice – with sincere thanks again to her and her team for featuring this on her wildly popular business blog, Copy Doodle.

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