Welcome Devon!

We are delighted to introduce Devon Els, our new intern at OV&P. He has brought a breath of fresh air with his ideas, skills and eagerness to learn. Do you wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a production company? Here’s his inside perspective on what it’s like working here and what makes him tick:

“Becoming an editor of both video and photography is my dream and OV&P is helping me reach it. With the continuous development of software and hardware, my passion for technology is also met with joy. Born and raised a Jozi boy full of ambition and eager to get going, I graduated from Rand Park High School in 2014 and am currently studying digital visual arts at Unisa. My love of music, video and technology has led me to this career choice.

With my previous shadowing and on set experience, I have managed to convince Dave Estment that I am worth my socks and am now an intern here at OV&P. Not only do he and his team give me a platform to work from, they are always helping me achieve greatness through their lessons and allowing me to bring new ideas into their OV&P family. Yes, Family. OV&P feels like a family where we all work for a common goal and utilize each other’s strengths and improve our weaknesses to produce the best quality work for our clients.

Since I joined OV&P a month ago, Dave has taken me along for a few aerial drone shoots. With an amazing machine and phenomenal pilot, we captured videos and photos of in-progress and completed building constructions. (Devon is standing in front of a building by Fortress Income Fund in the photo above.) Producing a video diary of this development shows things that not many people get to see. It is amazing how focused Dave is on the task, always seeking the best conclusion for the client. Observing his manner, I look up to his pure love of his job and strive to achieve the same.

Both Sagittarians, Naomi Estment and I share some similar traits and in the short space of time we’ve worked together, watching her do what she loves every day encourages and inspires me to take on things I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Along with being able to work with the beautiful Juanita Meijsen, the mother of a school friend of mine Gareth who is now reaching for his dreams also with the support of the whole OV&P family, this has all created a dream come true path for me. Thank you OV&P for making my dream a reality.”

You’re welcome Devon . . . it’s great to have you on our team!

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