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Revisiting the design and content of your website can result in a vibrant brand refresh, particularly when new photo and video content is included to enhance relevant, laser-focused copy. I recently worked through this process on my signature website, which is where I share camera coaching for visionary women who want to rock that camera and share their brilliance via images and video.

Our offers include empowering Workshops for Women on Essential Camera Confidence and Essential Video Skills, as well as exclusive, individual VIP Days that I co-host with Juanita, designed to completely up level your photo and video portfolio. If you’ve followed the articles here for a while, you may remember Dave’s post New Year, New Look from January last year – and referring back to that, you will see the difference, as per the screen grab below:

Naomi Estment's website

Significant progress typically results from the inspired input of multiple minds and this was the case for me. So a big thank you goes out for the expert guidance of a few key people, in particular multi-talented brand consultant Chantal Herman. She assisted me in refining my understanding of my niche market for this site and honing my related message and services, which are combined with a fresh collection of photos to illustrate what we offer – at the same time paying attention to my brand colours, as well as authenticity and originality of the images.

While we share lots of photography and videography insight and tips here at, which aim to best serve our entrepreneurial, corporate, and commercial business clients, my personal site is dedicated to supporting women in unleashing their personal and business success by addressing the challenges most relevant to them. Thus the visual content on that website is intended to be immediately engaging for visionary women, providing an example of how to hone your photo and video portfolio to suit your ideal audience.

The content not only populated my website but can be repurposed and shared on social media platforms such as my brand new Camera Coaching Facebook page. Take a look if you’re interested in ongoing feminine inspiration. In the meantime, I hope this gives you some ideas for how you can refine and refresh your own online content, via a meaningful visual marketing revamp. We wish you great success and are here to help if you’d like to chat.

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