Value of Original Blog Pics

Lion Cub, photographed by Dave Estment

It’s quite intuitive to understand that blogging provides you with a means to share insight, information and inspiration that offers value to your readers (be they clients, associates, friends or family) and helps to build the relationship between you by welcoming them into the experience of your personal or business brand. Less obvious is the fact that having the objective and means to share valuable content makes you more mindful of being in the moment, and provides motivation to explore and appreciate the world around you – much like an inquisitive lion cub – in turn inspiring a more positive outlook.

This is true for individual, group and business blogging, which offer the opportunity to promote self esteem and team building through the enriching process of providing value to others and receiving acknowledgement for it. Across the board, blog images help to support SEO and web traffic for your site, enhance the emotional connection and inherent impact of your blog posts, as well as increase reader engagement and retention. All of these benefits may apply to stock images sourced online or elsewhere, but they are significantly amplified in the case of original, quality photographs that represent your specific personal or business brand, as these contribute more meaningfully to sharing your unique message and reinforcing this powerfully over time.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to explore photography yourself, then commissioning professionals is an excellent option that ensures superb positioning for your marketing strategy. You’re welcome to contact us in this case. We’d be happy to help. Alternatively, if you’re encouraged to give photography a try, you may be delighted by a new world of possibility. During my extensive blogging journey, I have been repeatedly impressed by how dramatically non-photographer blogging friends have developed their interest and skills in photography, in order to effectively share their results on their blogs. This is one of the potentially fabulous and often unexpected benefits of taking the time to shoot and add original images to your blog posts.

Whichever route you follow, there is tremendous pleasure and professional reward to be found in sharing valuable blog content, particularly when this is enhanced by quality, original images. As you can see, we have plenty of fun with our photographs. May you have the same with yours.

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