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Rose Champagne in Glasses

Celebrating OV&P’s 15th Birthday

All the very best to you for a brilliant 2016! January is generally meaningful, being the start of a new year and a perfect opportunity to take stock and refresh your goals, but this month is particularly special for us at OV&P since we launched our company 15 years ago, soon after the turn of the century. We are proud that what started out as a fairly low-key photographic studio focussed on modelling portfolios and a passion for wildlife photography and videography, has matured into what we would like to think is a cutting edge production house serving an impressive client list. Continue reading “Celebrating OV&P’s 15th Birthday”

OV&P Studio for Hire

Jhb Studio For Hire

Isn’t it fabulous how a few key changes to our living or working space can bring a breath of fresh air to the experience of being there? That’s the magic of house whispering, or in our case “studio whispering”. Since building our studio (based in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg) over 10 years ago, we’ve loved the creative energy and joy it has given us as well as hundreds of clients. Continue reading “Jhb Studio For Hire”

Branded OV&P Caps

How to Highlight Your Brand

Of course there are many important ways to go about promoting your brand, and there’s no doubt that photography and videography rank right up there among the most effective. Above is a pic shot in our Studio of some OV&P caps that we’ve had created for our company, with a view to enhancing our own brand and making it more visible, particularly at events that count for us. Continue reading “How to Highlight Your Brand”