nature photography

Cheetah Close Up

Wildlife Video – for Fun?

I had an interesting experience recently when my brother Mike and his lovely wife Lisa kindly gave Naomi and me the use of their 5 star lodge at Welgevonden Private Game Reserve in the Waterberg Mountains, for 5 days of fun. This meant that we could invite some great friends on an amazing safari getaway on one of the most sought after reserves in Southern Africa. Continue reading “Wildlife Video — for Fun?”

Show Champion Dachhund photographed by Noami Estment of OV&P

How to Photograph Dogs

Dogs add so much fun to life, don’t you agree? And to photo shoots for that matter . . . although there’s no denying that they can be challenging! Perhaps the most important thing to pack is a big dose of patience, along with your camera and a zoom lens, together with your flash. If you’ll be shooting outside then a reflector may also be a good idea, as long as you have someone who can assist you by holding it, and the dogs can be depended on to be relatively still some of the time. Depending on the nature and training of the dogs you’ll be photographing, treats may be helpful too. And by the time you’re done, you can bet that all of you will be ready for a long drink of water! Continue reading “How to Photograph Dogs”

Aerial Drone Flying at Sunset

How to Improve Compositions

When it comes to creating compelling compositions in your photos, the first step is to take your time and play. As you do this more and more the process of spotting and selecting beautiful compositions that engage your viewer will become increasingly instinctive. It’s particularly helpful to look through your camera at the scene or subject that you plan to capture, while moving around (even using exaggerated movements for dramatic effect). This helps to determine the best angle, depending on your objective for the image, as well as the style and mood that you intend to portray. Continue reading “How to Improve Compositions”

World's View Bath at Ant's Hill

Dream Promo Video

Does your spirit stir to the sound of adventure and wide-open spaces within Africa’s spectacular wilderness? If you fancy being treated to a tailor-made, activity-filled safari of a lifetime for yourself as an individual, with your family or a group of your friends, then be transported by the short promo video that we’ve created for Ant and Tessa Baber, who own and run Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill bush homes in the Waterberg, South Africa: Continue reading “Dream Promo Video”

Sunrise Through Berry Bush

How To Inspire Creativity

Natural inspiration is all around us, going peacefully about its business and patiently waiting for us to observe the beauty of our world. It’s amazing how we can suddenly become aware of something exquisite that we have blindly bypassed on a daily basis, such as the dawn-lit berry bush in the image above. This was planted some years ago at our front gate and I’ve glanced in its direction countless times. Yet I haven’t really appreciated its loveliness until a recent morning when the rising sun set it on fire. So I grabbed my camera to capture the moment, knowing how swiftly the light would change. Continue reading “How To Inspire Creativity”

African Sunset at Ants Hill

The Ant Collection

Do you dream of a place, far removed from the mundane demands and persistent pressure of everyday living, where breath-taking natural beauty blends easily with the timeless art of pleasure? If so, then look no further than Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill bush homes, jewel destinations nestled in the malaria free Waterberg region of South Africa – about 3 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. Continue reading “The Ant Collection”