Big Five African wiildlife

Kalahari Springbuck Leaping

How to Shoot Wildlife Action

I am often asked what the key factors are in capturing high-speed action of wildlife with either a stills or video camera. The logic to both is very similar, as we’ve experienced through the privilege of enjoying many safari adventures over the last 20 years or more in remote locations varying from the Masai Mara in Kenya and the iconic Okavango Delta, to the unpredictable beauty of the Central Kalahari Desert, pictured above. Continue reading “How to Shoot Wildlife Action”

African Sunset at Ants Hill

The Ant Collection

Do you dream of a place, far removed from the mundane demands and persistent pressure of everyday living, where breath-taking natural beauty blends easily with the timeless art of pleasure? If so, then look no further than Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill bush homes, jewel destinations nestled in the malaria free Waterberg region of South Africa – about 3 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. Continue reading “The Ant Collection”

Andrew Kearney at SGOTY 2015

Safari Guide of The Year 2015

Woohoo! Here it is; the much-anticipated 2015 Safari Guide of The Year video, featuring outstanding finalist safari guides, expert judges, hosts, sponsors and guests, including this year’s VIP Nadav Ossendryver, who is the founder and CEO of the phenomenal crowd sourced wildlife community, Follow that link to discover an exceptional opportunity for you to participate in sharing your own sightings. Continue reading “Safari Guide of The Year 2015”

Lion Cub, photographed by Dave Estment

Value of Original Blog Pics

It’s quite intuitive to understand that blogging provides you with a means to share insight, information and inspiration that offers value to your readers (be they clients, associates, friends or family) and helps to build the relationship between you by welcoming them into the experience of your personal or business brand. Less obvious is the fact that having the objective and means to share valuable content makes you more mindful of being in the moment, and provides motivation to explore and appreciate the world around you – much like an inquisitive lion cub – in turn inspiring a more positive outlook. Continue reading “Value of Original Blog Pics”

Dave Estment Videographer with XF300 Camera

2014 Safari Guide of the Year VIDEO

It gives us great pleasure to share our much-anticipated 2014 Safari Guide of the Year video with you, as promised in our previous post about this phenomenal initiative. Credit and gratitude goes to Africa Direct Tour and Travel Operators and The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa for bringing the competition into being, for the benefit of everyone involved, the guiding industry as a whole and the broader tourism industry in South Africa. Above is a photo of Dave, capturing the high-octane action at the shooting range. No prizes for guessing how cold it was, taking place from 21 – 26 June. Continue reading “2014 Safari Guide of the Year VIDEO”

White Rhino

Marketing Power of Wildlife

It’s no secret that wildlife imagery can truly empower a visual message. For example, just refer to the opening scenes of The Wolf of Wall Street, where a magnificent male lion prowls stock broker offices to breath-taking effect. Follow that link to discover how the movie “wins the social media oscar” – by far! Continue reading “Marketing Power of Wildlife”