Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

Daughter kissing Mom

Little can be more magical to mothers than making special memories with their loved ones. Next in line is capturing those memories for posterity. Over the years, we’ve had the repeated delight of providing portrait photography for individuals, couples, friends, families, as well as mothers and children. Without exception, our clients have marveled at how fulfilling their whole photo shoot experience was . . . and at how long it took them to finally get around to it!

As we know, time never stands still. Before we know it, a year has disappeared and then another, followed by children growing up and leaving the nest. Perhaps then, we wish we’d taken the time to pause here and there to celebrate our life together, especially by capturing some beautiful stills to share with our family and friends, or simply to treasure for ourselves.

My brother recently moved from South Africa to Canada, and was in search of some special photos of our parents. Well, we managed to find one really lovely (albeit rather low res) pic of the two of them, and none of us all together. Since my father passed away about fifteen years ago, this was admittedly way before Facebook put photos properly on the map. But still, it brought home the wonderful opportunity that professional photo shoots provide, in terms of irreplaceable keepsakes for all concerned.

Mother's Day Gift Voucher Sample

So if you have a special mother in your life, why not spoil her with an unforgettable photo shoot? Because Moms means a lot to us, we’re offering a 20% discount during May 2014, on any OV&P studio photo shoot booked as a Mother’s Day present. Simply Contact Us to order a Gift Voucher.

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