Special Star in Studio

Modeling portfolio photo shoot

Do you ever get goosebumps while watching something or someone, whether looking through a camera or otherwise? You know, the kind of feeling that signifies something special . . . like a magic moment in the wild, compelling product in the process of launching or perhaps a star in the making? I experienced this recently in our studio, shooting a modeling portfolio for beautiful Rumaanah Hajee, pictured here.

At 17, she was brand new to photo shoots, but you’d never say so, given the natural ability and assurance that shines from her before the camera. As photographers, we do our best to help our models relax and feel comfortable in studio, so that they can truly be themselves. It was a delight to play with poses and props, matching Rumaanah’s outfits to different backdrops and varying our lighting arrangements in order to capture a range of moods. Her mum was also a star, contributing vibrant ideas, inspiration, support and lots of fun throughout the course of shooting and selecting images.

Even after shooting hundreds of modeling portfolios and many other subjects over the past decade and more, I never cease to be filled with awe and appreciation for the creative process. There is a particular, intangible alchemy that emerges during a shoot, which is always unexpectedly fresh, unique, fulfilling and completely unpredictable, except in so far as you can predict with absolute certainty that it will be present.

Studio photo of beautiful model

With such a stunning model, it’s tricky to choose just a couple of images to share, but I trust you will enjoy them. My thanks go to Rumaanah and her mum for the privilege and pleasure of photographing her, along with belated but very happy birthday wishes since this shoot was booked as a birthday gift. May it prove to be a gift that keeps on giving, by contributing to sharing Rumaanah’s inner and outer radiance, which shows that she was born to be a star!

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