Show Reels . . . or Not?

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We at OV&P sometimes wonder about what our new or potential clients would most like to see in terms of samples of our work, and whether or not show reels are the answer. Given that they can provide a concise, high impact summary of relevant footage, this approach can be effective. As an example, here is our brand new, market specific show reel that we have created for the hospitality industry:

The traditional way to do things in the video and photographic industries, especially in the advertising industry, is to create impressive, off the wall show reels that some of the general public may consider to be over-the-top. This is great for people in the ad industry and their marketing departments, to support their focus on pitching the thought processes and concepts for their prospective campaigns. What we tend to find, though, is that in the corporate and commercial marketing space, our clients prefer their product or service to be portrayed in a more straight forward, clear and compelling style, in order to convey their message to existing or potential clients while maintaining and growing their reputations, visibility, market share and credibility.

With many years in the corporate space and a little grey hair, we are very comfortable in this market, and we have positioned ourselves and our creative style with our clients’ requirements top of mind. This enables us to translate the visual and audio elements of their brief into a compelling and persuasive video or photographic gallery. It also helps that, based on our extensive experience, we specialise in a spectrum of niche sectors, namely Financial Services, Property Development and Construction, Hospitality (including game lodges, hotels, guest houses and conference venues) and the Motor industry. Across the board, this incorporates events, associated products and services as well as corporate branding and all the fun stuff that goes with that.

We have been very fortunate to have built a fairly impressive and loyal key client base over time, which often results in direct referrals, which we are very grateful for. That brings us back to the subject of how best to present samples of our work to potential new clients. An approach we use a lot is to show them existing videos or photographic galleries we have already created, which align with their requirements. This works well for specific client needs, as it strongly conveys our style and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. In the case of our hospitality clients, an example is the promo video that we created for the stunning Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest Game Lodges in the Waterberg:

Please let us know what you think and whether you feel we have hit the sweet spot in each case. Would you prefer to see show reels, sample projects, or both? What is your opinion about voice overs – yes, no or indifferent? We would love to receive any constructive comments or input from you.

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