SA Legends Open The Market

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange sets the bar in so many ways – not only being ranked by the World Economic Forum as the best regulated exchange in the world and exemplifying superb business practise, but also in terms of the exceptional events that they host. We are particularly privileged to frequently provide videography for these, including two recent ceremonies that saw a number of SA musical icons and political activists open the market in celebration of Heritage month in this country.

At the first event Zeona Jacobs, Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at the JSE, paid tribute to Mr Ahmed Kathrada for his contribution to equality and freedom for the people of South Africa, and to Dr Caiphus Semenya and Dr Jonas Gwangwa for inspiring so many with their message of hope, and for using music to fight inequality. In this spirit, she added that “We are working very hard at the JSE to make the JSE more accessible to all South Africans”.

Zeona went on to introduce two more musicians, Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse and Dr Letta Mbulu, as well as struggle icon Dr Andrew Mlangeni, at the second SA Legends market open event. Unlike other stock exchanges around the world, which signal the opening of the market with the ringing of a bell, the JSE is unique in using the blowing of a truly African kudu horn. This is also blown to herald new listings of companies on the JSE’s main board, while a ceremonial drum is beaten in the case of an AltX listing. This market open was especially festive, with each SA legend choosing an instrument. Mr Mabuse blew the kudu horn, while Dr Mbulu beat the drum and Dr Mlangeni blew a vuvuzela, all combining to create a great celebration. Take a look for yourself:

Special thanks to our clients at the JSE for the opportunity to participate in their leadership vision through capturing many landmark events and memorable moments on their behalf. We sincerely appreciate this and will gladly discuss how we can help you too with photography and/or videography of your events. You’re welcome to contact us today to find out more.

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