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Professional photography and videography play a crucial role in getting your message right, across all aspects of your marketing strategy, both off-line and online. Of course, it is essential to combine these mediums with expert copywriting and to include them in a powerful online platform that incorporates social media and integrates with effective e-mail marketing.

Since starting our company in 2001, Dave and I have been privileged to support a wide range of wonderful clients, in terms of providing expert photography and videography services for individual and business purposes. More recently, I have also assisted a number of clients with copywriting and website creation, and am often approached for advice on combining these intrinsic elements of the marketing mix.

For this reason, I’m happy to share the links to two articles and podcasts, packed with content and created by Chantal Herman of Rock This Universe, who interviewed me recently about this work: Naomi Estment on Blogging success and 3 Tips for building a great website or blog. Rock This Universe is all about providing inspirational material and support for creative people, along with “a kick-in-the-pants to keep going”. Sincere thanks to Chantal for taking the time to interview me and feature these posts, and for her inimitable style of motivation that helped to focus my efforts in creating my signature site,

Special thanks as well to Michelle Salater and her team at Written by Sumer, for sharing so much inspiration and expert advice about copywriting and content marketing over the years. This super talented crew share brilliant information on an ongoing basis via their blog. If you’re interesting in maximizing the impact of your online presence, this is an exceptionally useful resource that we highly recommend.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss your photography or videography requirements, as well as how we can help you to integrate these into your marketing strategy. We hope you enjoy these podcasts in the meantime!

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