Ninja Assassin – An Atomic Bombshell

Canon XF300 with Ninja Assassin

The world as we know it can be quite a boring place, but every now and then there are seismic rumblings. Less commonly, there is an earthquake that changes the lives of all those in the immediate vicinity, sometimes with tragic consequences. In this case, there is an ATOMOS (read ATOMIC) earthquake that has sent out tsunami-sized ripples and caused panic for its competitors all over the globe.

In the video production universe, things change quickly, often catching complacent tech companies with their pants down. There are numerous examples of this, with companies like Atomos, DJI, Black Magic design and others that identify potential fault lines in the tech landscape in the form of fat cat companies which are oblivious to any threat, feeding off the land in a comfort zone. This is turned into a cauldron of panic for them and a playground for value-hungry, cutting-edge consumers, as prices tumble and amazing new technologies are invented and brought to market with earth shattering consequences for our pot-bellied friends with huge factories and staff complements that could fill small cities.

ATOMOS rolls into Monitor City, wreaking havoc amongst its competitors with incredible new hardware and software that enables cameramen and directors to fine tune their footage in real-time on smaller, easily transported monitors that record RAW footage from their high-end cameras with such ease and accessibility that the mind boggles. Like DJI have turned the world upside down with their drones and Ronin hand-held gimbals, ATOMOS has learned to respond quickly to feedback from its customers as to what really makes a product like a video monitor/recorder a game changer in its universe.

ATOMOS has not been around that long but their growth has been exponential in terms of market share and catering for varying requirements in different sectors of that market. Their latest little bomb is known as the NINJA ASSASSIN, a classic example of a manufacturer listening to their customers and producing a ground breaking new bit of kit that knocks the socks off the competition. The industry leader for a while now, the ATOMOS SHOGUN, is expensive, heavier than necessary for our use, with lots of connectors like SDI that are really more for broadcast-type productions than what we need.

So what did ATOMOS do? They dropped a bombshell in the form of the NINJA ASSASSIN. It is almost half the price, has the same size monitor, only the necessary connectors like HDMI IN and OUT, more functionality for focus, exposure, colour options and the like than I will ever use, and it comes in the coolest atomic-bomb-proof protective shell and carry case one could hope for in these tumultuous economic and volatile political times.

In a nutshell, paying ridiculous prices, especially in Rands, for oversized, clumsy and impractical video monitors has at last become a thing of the past. We now have the option to buy affordable, practical, high-spec and high-tech kit. I look forward to the next seismic activity, hopefully not tragic, but rather as industry-shaping as the products these innovators deliver to keep us at the cutting edge and more competitive than ever.

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