New Year Resolutions

Wine Glasses Toast

Frankly, changing your life forever takes total commitment and big balls. There is no magic dust that appears at midnight on 31 December every year. That is the stuff of idle promises that don’t have a hope of making a difference. Of course intentions are good, like gym five times a week, quitting smoking, only drinking two beers on weekends etc., but often that’s NOT the outcome! My observation, having succumbed to this age-old feel-good tradition many times, is that unless we totally commit to achieving realistic, doable goals, we are wasting our time and probably raising some sceptical eyebrows when we only make it to gym for one week, then GIVE UP, stop smoking for a whole two days, then GIVE UP, or last a measly week before our mates convince us that real men don’t drink less than six beers at a time, so we GIVE UP that idea as well 🙂

The ultimate challenge for a lot of my riding mates, every year, is the Roof of Africa extreme enduro, held in Lesotho. Below is an action-packed video of the extreme 2013 event for you to watch. Together with Enduro World, we shared this video with participants prior to the Roof, to inspire and motivate them to give it horns. This is one example of how videography can be used to galvanize our actions towards achieving goals. We’ve also used photography powerfully with master mind-coach Tim Goodenough, to help our SA U19 cricket team win the ICC world cup, which you can read about here.

Unless you have mastered the art of self-discipline, sacrifice and single-minded focus, you won’t grasp what athletes achieve by earning a finisher’s medal after three days of physical and mental torture at the Roof of Africa. The 2014 event saw an 18-year-old South African star, Wade Young, win by over 30 minutes from SA’s Altus De Wet and Graham Jarvis from the UK. Wade is a great guy with buckets of talent, but what sets him apart is his never-say-die attitude, exceptional physical strength and an astonishingly mature and tough mind for such a young man. This was the second time he won the Roof, the first being in 2012 at the tender age of 16! You can be sure that he doesn’t make idle promises to himself on old year’s eve, nor assume that world-class results are earned by anything less than total commitment from him and the superb team he has around him. What a brilliant ambassador for SA.

So much for New Year’s resolutions! Not worth the paper they are written on unless you follow the example of champions like Wade Young and our SA U19 cricket team. That means deciding what you really want, how badly you want it and whether you have big enough balls to make the sacrifices, put in the hours and set realistic, doable goals to achieve in 2015. No one has ever said it would be easy, but is it worth it? Absolutely.

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