New Year, New Look

Naomi Estment - photographer, videographer, writer, webmaster

A brand new year typically calls for reassessment, in personal and business terms, to refocus and re-energize ourselves and our teams, and to establish how we can streamline operations and improve on past efforts.

How Impactful is Your Platform?

First and foremost under scrutiny is sales and marketing and ever more central to this is the impact of the Internet, which begs the question of how current and effective our websites are. This subject is topical for us at OV&P because, being in the business of professional photography and videography, we provide images and video for all sorts of applications, including online, and are often asked for asistance with website creation.

This is where Naomi’s expertise comes in and she’d be glad to assist if you’re looking to update your online platform. Following on from her original career in computer programming, extensive writing experience that includes a completed novel, magazine journalism and years of blogging, as well as all of her photography and videography, she has been creating exceptional websites for almost five years.

Latest Website Design

In addition to our combined online platform that incorporates this site and our OV&P Studio site, her blog Naomi’s Notes and novel site High on Air, she has created numerous websites and blogs for clients. These sites also feature plenty of our photography and videography, which are mediums that really bring your message to life.

Making use of the latest responsive website design, which ensures that sites adapt to being viewed across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to computer monitors, Naomi recently took a leap of faith and had a whole lot of fun creating her signature site at I invite you to take a look, with your own requirements in mind, as it will probably spark some interesting ideas and questions.

We’d love to see your online presence kick serious butt this year, so if you do have questions go ahead and contact Naomi or comment below and we’ll get back to you soonest.

Here’s wishing you a truly dynamic 2014 and vibrant business based on exponential online and offline success. Let’s give it horns!

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