How to Showcase Products

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Professional product photography and videography are crucial elements of the majority of marketing activity both online and offline. From the high-definition still and moving images that adorn billboards and are broadcast on TV to the low res versions shared on Facebook and YouTube, capture quality remains key to effective brand promotion. As with other genres of photography and videography, it’s important to establish an accurate brief up front. Brainstorming ideas can also contribute to superior results, addressing various things like theme, setting, backdrop, lighting, mood, colour scheme, positioning, cast, props and special effects – created during or post capture.

Additional considerations of course apply to videography, such as script, voice-over, background music, titles and transitions. When shooting smaller products in studio, we use a light table with an infinity curve, which is how we captured the above image. This provides the perfect starting point to etch your subject and overlay it on another one, for example. It also accommodates a range of compelling lighting options, including introducing different colour hues to your background.

Lancome Poeme Perfume

A variety of surfaces can create evocative imagery, such as shooting on black glass or granite. This also requires care in terms of the technical and lighting set up, but is well worth the effort involved, depending on the effect you are after. Different lenses also result in a variety of effects, like a super shallow depth of field that you can achieve using a macro lens for close up subjects or by using a long zoom lens if you’re shooting from a distance.

Malteser Chocolates

Post production alternatives are literally unlimited and you can really let your imagination run free if you have the luxury of time to play. Here is an example showing the Photoshop treatment that Dave applied to a studio image of an Ed Roman guitar – a special item that he photographed on behalf of a good friend and discerning guitar collector.

Electric Guitar

Whatever you have in mind in terms of showcasing your product/s, please contact us to discuss how we can help you do this through professional photography and videography. We’d be delighted to hear from you. In the meantime, with Easter foremost in many minds, here’s wishing you a wonderful month, especially rich with holidays and chocolate!

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