How to Showcase Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher Display

In the spirit of a fabulous Easter including plenty of reflection, relaxation and fine chocolate, we’re celebrating in our studio with a heap of Ferrero Rocher. If you’d like some guidance on how to photograph your own chocolate – before eating it all – here is some insight into the setup we selected today.

Firstly, for superb studio photography of relatively small items, a light table is indispensable. Quite a significant investment, this is typically made of translucent perspex, plexiglass or acrylic, and provides the smooth infinity curve that eliminates lines and facilitates a beautiful glow throughout the background because it can be lit from all different angles, including from underneath.

We set up the above shot with two variable studio flash lights, each shooting through a large softbox, situated slightly above and to either side of the table, with the chocolates nicely grouped at the centre of the table (once they’d stopped tumbling apart). These lights were synced together with the camera in order to fire simultaneously. Next, for the purpose of uniform lighting, we added a third flash light, also synced and placed on the floor below the table, shooting upwards through the perspex towards the subject.

Then, to create depth, mood and drama, we covered this last light with a piece of golden-yellow gel, which looks like heavy-duty cellophane, casting the coloured hue across the background but not the chocolates as they were lit from the front with clean, white light. The final trick was to move around with the camera and tweak the direction of the lights so that the gradient of the background glow was ideally positioned in relation to the chocolates. The camera was set to manual, ISO 200, shutter speed of 1/200 sec and aperture f/16, which was optimal for the intensity setting of the lights.

We love the result, and hope that it inspires you to play around with your own product photography, whether you would like to showcase items or arrangements for business or pleasure. If shooting is not your cup of tea and you’d prefer to book a shoot, then you’re welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to help, especially if your subject matter involves chocolate 🙂 On that note, we wish you a very happy Easter!

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