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Wow, it’s wild to think that we’ll be covering the finals of the 2015 Safari Guide of The Year competition in just two weeks, for the third year in a row – reinforcing how fast time is flying! So we might as well make the most of it and enjoy our lives to the full, which is what safari guides generally tend to do.

Our passion for being immersed in the African bushveld among its amazing wildlife is profoundly embedded in our DNA, and is shared with this year’s esteemed line up of finalists and judges, in addition to our VIP guest presenter Nadav Ossendryver. He is the celebrated founder of, which constitutes the biggest crowd-sourced wildlife YouTube channel on the planet.

Now 18, Nadav launched this at the tender age of 15 and has achieved phenomenal success. As an example, a video that features an elephant calf being helped by its herd was posted to his channel last week and has already attracted 4,759,000+ views and counting. One of the things that Nadav understands is the power of how video can make you feel. He brims with excitement for his subject matter, which made for lots of fun filming the following teaser that features him sharing his thoughts about the upcoming Safari Guide of The Year finals that will take place at the Kruger National Park:

Having limited time and resources available, we decided to do a short interview shoot in our studio, employing a green screen technique. In this case, we used a wide paper backdrop of a specific green colour, with Nadav standing a couple of paces in front of it and lit from both sides, to facilitate seamless editing of different background material during the post production phase.

Because we have covered the competition before, we could cut and paste relevant clips from last year’s shoot in order to bring Nadav’s message visually to life by matching the footage with the story, so that it enhances the context and comprehension for the viewer. We hope that you enjoy it and look forward to bringing you all the action from the 2015 Safari Guide of The Year finals!

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