How to Select a Location

Avianto Location Shoot Venue

Dreaming of the perfect place for your next location shoot? That’s a good thing. Dreams offer great food for thought, ideas for settings and inspiration for magic to happen when you step in front of that camera lens. Then there’s the practical side of pulling it all together and ensuring stunning photo and video results that can positively impact your success and that of your business in so many ways. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider various indoor and/or outdoor venue options, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions in your area.

My passion is to help visionary leaders boost their confidence on camera and promote their companies and careers via consistently stunning personal branding photos and videos. Studio shoots certainly play a key role in this, particularly when you’re looking for something like media photos that showcase your professional look with expert lighting against plain unobtrusive backgrounds – or for moody, sexy modeling-style portfolios, for example. On the other hand, personal lifestyle scenarios can contribute significantly to building the “know, like and trust factor” for your brand.

This is where you highlight your best self at work and/or at play in a “behind-the-scenes” fashion in your own home or at a gorgeous, aspirational venue such as Avianto (pictured above). There are likely countless venue options available within your vicinity and this is just one of our favourites close to our studio. It ticked all the boxes for the fabulous VIP Day photo and video shoots that we did for our special client Mpho Tshukudu (pictured below). In addition to being a beautiful lady, Mpho is a registered dietitian, accomplished speaker and author of Eat Ting. Follow that link for info. More than a diet or recipe book, ” it will make you fall in love with timeless African flavours – while also improving your health and wellbeing.”

Mpho Tshukudu Author of Eat Ting

It was so inspiring to photograph Mpho in various settings around Avianto’s extensive grounds, and to film her in the exclusive executive suite that we hired for the day. This is a key factor to consider in selecting a location for your shoot. It’s wonderful to have access to lovely rooms in which to do professional make-up, change outfits, generally relax, store photo and video equipment, as well as prepare props and tweak scripts, etc. Of course your location costs will need to align with your budget. In addition to any room costs, many venues charge a shooting rate, so clarify that up front.

Most importantly you want to feel a strong sense of resonance with your environment. This is not only about feeling “at home” but ideally about being infused with a luxurious, inspiring sense of being lifted into the zone of your highest, happiest self. Because that’s the whole point of creating a gorgeous photo and video porfolio – to highlight the best of who you are and what you offer. Look around, explore ideas and consider a number of options for your dream location, in a spirit of playfulness and fun, together with bottom line business savvy. If you have any questions about personal branding photos and videos for yourself, or if you’d like to book a shoot, please be in touch. We’d love to help.

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