How To Rock Your Selfie

DJI Selfie of Dave & Chris

Let’s face it, selfies are the flavour of the day, but while there are ways to rock them, they can also bomb badly. Above is a cool example by Dave and one of our freelance cameramen, Chris Duys, showing how much fun they can be, and how well they can work when you get creative with them.

Can you figure out how they did this? Not to worry if you can’t immediately, because it is a bit different. The guys shot this pic as they were wrapping up an aerial shoot of an exceptional commercial warehouse site for Capital Property Fund. They were using the camera that’s mounted on our DJI Inspire 1 Drone, which at this point was positioned on the ground in front of them.

The drone is operated via a master remote control device, with a second remote control available if someone other than the pilot is operating the camera, as Chris was doing on this shoot while Dave was flying the drone. So they rocked their selfie by setting up their shot and then holding the remote controls behind their backs as they took the picture. This gives you an idea of the versatility that’s possible in terms of selfies.

Here’s a second selfie that Dave took with another of our freelance cameramen, Sean Brady, also at an aerial shoot:

Selfie by Dave Estment & Sean Brady

While you may not have access to high-end equipment like this, or to a camera that allows you to set a self timer, there are ways to rock your selfie with something as simple as a cellphone camera. Of course, composition is the first thing to consider, and this is key. Wherever you are, take a few moments to move around and also move the camera around in relation to you, to ensure that you don’t have a tree “growing out of your head” for example.

Watch out for potential distortion of your features or body parts if they are significantly closer to the lens than the rest of you. This is where selfie sticks help out, giving you reach without your arm appearing oversized in front of you. Also, position yourself so that you face towards the sun or another light source, to optimise exposure on you. Otherwise, use your flash to fill in the shadow that may fall on your face, relative to your brighter background.

Of course, the main purpose of selfies is to have fun and share them, so go ahead and play, just like Dave and Chris were doing here 🙂 Good one guys!

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