How to Photograph Families

Family Photo Shoot

Family photo shoots are typically a recipe for lots of fun, whether in studio or on location. From a lovely young trio like Hamza, Farzana and Rania featured above, to an extended group of 12 or more people, the pleasure is always palpable and the memories treasured. A number of particularly unforgettable photo shoots we’ve done have been for big families celebrating a parent’s 80th birthday or a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, incorporating three generations of vibrantly joyous people, some even filming proceedings.

Interactive Experience

The more people who are included in the shoot, the more helpful it becomes to have an assistant at hand to help with posing everyone attractively together and making sure that each person is looking their best in each shot. Part of the magic for us lies in the fact that our camera and computer are tethered throughout the shoot, so that our clients can immediately view their photos on a big screen. This ensures a highly interactive experience which is really engaging for all ages, capturing attention and inspiring imagination.

Colour Coding

In studio, a plain white background works beautifully for family shoots, combined with relatively plain, un-patterned clothing in bold shades that complement each other as well as the wearers’ own colouring, preferably avoiding white clothes against a white backdrop. Other background colours can also be effective, again avoiding black clothing against a black backdrop, for example.

Select Your Setting

Of course, we can shoot family photos in a whole range of settings, indoor and outdoor, including on location at our clients’ homes. In such cases, we have the option of using our portable lighting and accessories to achieve professional results. It’s important to bear in mind that outdoor photography is weather dependent, and that exceptional images are limited to early morning and evening during golden hour. Then it is often a good idea to utilize one or more reflectors to lift out unwanted shadows and perhaps cast an extra golden hue if desired. However, when time is of the essence and there isn’t the luxury of alternative shooting dates, creativity needs to kicks in, as you can see in the photo below.

Special Occasions

We recently photographed Gary and Lynne Franks of Enduro World magazine, together with their gorgeous grandsons, who were about to head off overseas. A top priority was to include their motorcycles, but the only available morning for the shoot dawned in pouring rain. So instead of shooting in their garden as planned, we set our lights up in their garage and captured the essence of a fabulous family of Enduro riders with their motorbikes 🙂

Family Photo for Enduro World

Whatever your occasion or preference for a special family photo shoot, we’d be delighted to assist, so please contact us if you’d like to discuss your ideas . . . and let’s have some fun together!

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