How To Inspire Creativity

Sunrise Through Berry Bush

Natural inspiration is all around us, going peacefully about its business and patiently waiting for us to observe the beauty of our world. It’s amazing how we can suddenly become aware of something exquisite that we have blindly bypassed on a daily basis, such as the dawn-lit berry bush in the image above. This was planted some years ago at our front gate and I’ve glanced in its direction countless times. Yet I haven’t really appreciated its loveliness until a recent morning when the rising sun set it on fire. So I grabbed my camera to capture the moment, knowing how swiftly the light would change.

Bunch of Red Berries

A first suggestion for inspiring your creativity is to act on the impulse as soon as it stirs. The more we do this, the more freely it visits us, and this is true for various art forms, not just photography and videography, which we’re privileged to do professionally. These mediums invoke the power of being present through active observation. Writing, on the other hand, can be more scary in the sense of facing the blank page and creating from scratch. Either way, exercising the courage to follow through on inspiration, and practicing this with curiosity and perseverance, can yield tremendous joy and fulfilment.

Sharing our creativity also provides great motivation to develop it, especially with so much opportunity to do this online. I came across a brilliant video this week, in which leading success coach Marie Forleo interviews Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and other bestsellers, about “Creative Living Beyond Fear”. This is the topic of Elizabeth’s new book, Big Magic. Their conversation highlights unconventional approaches to fundamental challenges, like dealing with fear and perfectionism, distinguishing between originality and authenticity, and identifying if you’re on the right creative track.

Here is a link to the beautifully presented video of their conversation: Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic. If you’re interested in exploring and inspiring your own creativity, it is truly worth watching. Enjoy!

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