How To Document Holidays

Summer Holiday Poolside Pic

With the festive season fast approaching, you may well be planning a holiday and perhaps contemplating how best to document it. In this super social age, most of us enjoy sharing a fresh album of beautiful photos or fun videos with our friends or followers, and with the Internet giving us the opportunity to create a living, visual legacy, we may as well make it as fabulous and meaningful as we can, don’t you think?

Documenting holidays is a pleasure that Dave and I have shared for 20 years. In fact, it’s where our business began. Our mutual passion and skills for photography and videography developed tremendously as we captured our adventures, including 25+ self-drive safaris in the Southern African bush veld. This has contributed to our extensive library of footage and photos, with many unforgettable experiences recorded simultaneously from different angles, and many others captured concurrently, enhancing our results by incorporating countless highlights.

If feasible, we recommend sharing the experience and co-ordinating with a partner to make the most of your own holiday photos and clips. Of course, this can also ensure that you feature too 🙂 Observing and capturing a variety of moments and engaging scenes or items around you makes for vibrant albums and videos, especially when you take the time to move around and try out various perspectives before taking your shot. You will likely find that playing with your camera to look for great compositions can almost magically help them to appear.

Start by selecting the most appropriate equipment, which could simply involve your cellphone, or more advanced gear. We’re particularly impressed by the superb photo and video quality of the latest iPhones, including the pano photo functionality. By contrast, it’s also effective to zoom in on details, like the poolside picture above. If you plan to use more than your phone, here is a short list of gear to consider:

1. For compact camera fans, choose your favourite one, making sure that it has a reasonable zoom and flash capability.

2. If you prefer DSLRs, keep things streamlined by using a maximum of 2 lenses. We recommend a wide-angle zoom lens (24 – 120mm) and a compact telephoto zoom (80 – 400mm).

3. Pack the best quality flash you can afford, as this is invaluable for fill-in and event photography.

4. Most compact and DSLR cameras have video capability these days, so don’t forget to record your special memories on video as well.

5. Remember to include a sturdy tripod, spare batteries for your camera and flash, your battery charger, spare memory cards, as well as a card reader and your laptop to allow you to process and share your photos and videos while on holiday.

Family, fun and festivity provide a feast of photo and video opportunity. Wherever you are over the next few weeks and heading into the New Year, we wish you abundant pleasure, peace and prosperity. And of course, plenty of happy – and sharp – shooting!

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