Green Screen Video

Entrepreneur and inventor Ricky Walton put our green screen video skills to the test in our studio last month. This was to capture the interactive script for Touchcomm’s leading edge Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA) product, which exemplifies the company mission to “create effective and entertaining ways of integrating brand personality onto self-service digital technology platforms”.

This technical video shoot involved filming talented leading actress Hlube Mboya, who excelled in her professional role on behalf of Barclays ABSA Capital’s compelling campaign. Her job entailed complying with strict parameters to ensure exact alignment of her image with the perspex cut-out that it would ultimately be projected onto. The photo above offers a little insight into our setup that utilised our green screen backdrop. Its specific colour facilitates optimal post production whereby your subject can be etched out of the background in order to drop it independently onto another one.

Of course effective lighting and sound is crucial to creating an excellent end result for video. For this shoot we used a discreet lapel microphone and balanced lighting from just in front of Hlube and to each side of her. Being the pro that she is, little editing was required to mitigate any movement but this was seamlessly achieved in Final Cut Pro X by using keyframing where required, to keep her image consistent within the tailor-made shape of the VSA.

Ricky is passionate about “bringing life to concepts, firstly by understanding the brand message to the consumer and secondly by pushing the boundaries of visual, audio and sensory stimuli to deliver an accurate and effective communication solution”. Videography provides a powerful, instinctive channel to achieve these objectives, and it is particularly fulfilling to deliver dynamic solutions via this medium, as well as a range of photography, for our clients.

To find out more about Touchcomm’s innovative offerings, visit their website at and for any video related enquiries, feel free to contact us today. We will gladly discuss how best we can help you to maximise the power of your own visual marketing and brand promotion.

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