GirlEng Info Session

Wits Science Stadium

The abundant energy, enthusiasm and potential of youth never fail to inspire. Combining this with visionary leadership, heart-felt mentorship and skilled guidance creates a sure recipe for success. This was certainly the case at the recent GirlEng information session that we had the pleasure of filming on behalf of the vibrant WomEng (Women in Engineering) team.

Founded almost a decade ago by Naadiya Moosajee and Hema Vallabh, when they were both still engineering students at UCT, this NPO has inspired and supported many successful female engineers in this male dominated industry. Some of these women took to the stage to share their own career stories and explain multiple facets of the profession to the many eager school girls who attended.

Sprinkled with a collection of bright pink hard hats, the morning event brought colour, light and laughter along with informative insight to the Wits campus where it was held. Genuine interest and care was evident throughout the session, borne out by the special testimonial interviews that we captured with numerous young ladies. Having been so strongly supported and inspired by WomEng, they are in turn motivated to do the same for others, with a view to paying it forward to the next generation of women in engineering.

When you consider sharing your own story, capturing your own events and populating your website with compelling marketing material, bear in mind the power of testimonials to speak eloquently for you and your brand. Professionally shot and edited videos can help you achieve considerably greater impact within your immediate circle of influence and ultimately the world, as the dynamic WomEng team is in the process of demonstrating.

Visit their website to see for yourself just how far-reaching mentorship at this level can be, and watch this space for more phenomenal achievements by these ground breaking women in their hot pink hard hats!

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