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Naomi Estment, professional photographer

Do you have questions about studio photography or about how we can help you create video content for your website, for example? If so, stay tuned. In response to enquiries that we frequently receive, we’re sharing the first in a series of free videos that we’re creating for Naomi’s signature site, These aim to share insight and inspiration about the services that we offer to support you in sharing your marketing message most effectively, while demonstrating how we can assist you to do this using compelling video content.

We shot this in our studio, showing a sample set up, so take a look and you’ll see where our studio shoots take place. Of course, expert shooting is just the first part of the process in crafting a professional video. Post production is also essential. As with photography, you want the quality of your source footage to be as high as possible, so preparation is key. For infomercial videos, this starts with a well written script, combined with an accompanying shot list.

A great way to raise the level of your video content is to include cutaways, in the form of supplementary footage from alternative settings that illustrates your story and complements your script. Images can be included in a similar way and animated during editing to add extra interest. Of course titles, transitions, background music and various special effects also contribute to a superb result.

There is no doubt about the pulling power of professional photography and videography for your products and services, on the web and across the full spectrum of marketing and advertising platforms, and it gives us great pleasure to help our clients capitalize on their effectiveness by creating expert content for them. Please contact us if you’re keen to discuss how we can help with your photo and video requirements – and share your comments about our video below. We hope you enjoy it!

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