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FirstRand Community Projects

We at OV&P are privileged to have a number of well-known and respected corporates, that lead the way in various industries in South Africa, as our esteemed clients. The opportunity to assist them in creating inspirational videos and photographic portfolios to tell their story is something we truly value. I would say that the deep sense of satisfaction we experience when we are complimented on a job well done is probably the most rewarding feeling a creative team can have. It is one of the key factors that keeps us focussed on exceeding our clients’ expectations, by always going the extra mile and not compromising on excellence.

Our clients often have similar values that they apply in their specific industry, adding value and going the extra mile to ensure that they care more about people as human beings, rather than being solely focussed on the bottom line. A classic example is one of South Africa’s most respected financial groups, FirstRand, who have impressed us with their policies and culture of individual empowerment and accountability, encouraging every staff member, from the delightful tea lady who serves our favourite biscuits with our tea or coffee, to the CEO of each of the five franchises that make up FirstRand, namely, FNB, RMB, WesBank, Ashburton Investments and FCC.

Their cross-franchise culture encourages everyone to give up time, without being paid, to contribute to a recognised charity, school, community or NGO that they feel an affinity for. Staff members often align themselves with like-minded colleagues from across the entire FirstRand community and create truly inspiring and meaningful projects to help raise the bar for their selected organisations and groups, enriching the lives of everyone involved.

We recently created two videos for the FCC Volunteers initiative and World Environment Day, which was endorsed by each of the franchise CEO’s, highlighting FirstRand’s commitment and encouragement for their staff and teams to contribute selflessly and thereby benefit all around them, including themselves. The thing that we find so inspiring is that it really has resulted in the esprit de corps across the board at FirstRand being at the highest level we have experienced in our many encounters in the corporate world.

We have no doubt that this strategy and culture results in happy staff who can communicate at any level within the organisation to share ideas and opinions that they feel will add value in some way. This could be from fairly low-key improvements or enhancements to the game changing observations some people make and apply their minds to, to innovate without constraint or fear of criticism, and more than likely result in them being rewarded materially and being acknowledged by their peers.

These days innovation and accountability are key factors that assist in ensuring the sustainability and success of all businesses, both large and small.

Well done FIRSTRAND!

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