City Lodge Hotel Group

Aerial image of City Lodge Hotel Fourways

With fifty-two destinations located around South Africa and one in Gaborone, Botswana, the City Lodge Hotel Group is ideally placed to provide you with exceptional accommodation options on your next business or family trip, or special couple getaway, in this vibrant part of the world.

Aerial Photography and Videography

We’ve had the privilege and pleasure of photographing a number of their hotels, including City Lodge Hotel Fourways in Johannesburg, pictured above. As you can see, this shoot included high impact aerial photography and videography. To read more about this key differentiator that we provide for our clients, follow this link to my article: Aerial Images – Drone, Chopper or MicroLight?

Generous Group Spirit

Our introduction to the City Lodge Hotel Group was particularly heart-warming because they, as well as Legacy Hotels & Resorts, generously sponsored accommodation for our Rock ’n Ride 4 Rhino team during the course of our epic conservation, community and communications project last year. This entailed a collaborative 15000 km journey around South Africa, reaching 30,000 students and raising awareness and funds along the way.

Stunning Locations

Below are two of the hotels that we stayed at on tour – City Lodge Port Elizabeth in Summerstrand and City Lodge Umhlanga Ridge in Durban – which we captured during golden hour light at sunrise and sunset respectively.

City Lodge Port Elizabeth in Summerstrand

City Lodge Umhlanga Ridge Hotel in Durban

Inviting Interiors

To give you an idea of the inviting interiors and whet your appetite for your next stay, below are two more images from City Lodge Hotel Fourways, featuring the reception and dining area, as well as one of the welcoming twin rooms.

City Lodge Hotel Fourways Reception and Dining Area

City Lodge Hotel Fourways Twin Room

Something for Everyone

To reinforce that they offer something for everyone, the Group incorporates four distinct brands, namely Courtyard Hotel, City Lodge Hotel, Town Lodge and Road Lodge. Visit their website to learn more about what they offer and establish the best option for you and yours. You’ll be glad you did.

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