Celebrating Easter in Images

Backlit Egg

HAPPY EASTER to all who celebrate it!

In contemplating the abundance of chocolate eggs everywhere, I found an interesting article at the Chocolate Trading Co, explaining the History of chocolate Easter Eggs. Apparently “Modern symbols of Easter, such as the egg and the bunny, have their origins in paganism. Rabbits were the most potent symbol of fertility and the egg, the start of all life, was often thought to have magical powers”.

So in honour of real eggs, above is an image of a hen’s egg, backlit by a torch and touched by a fingertip. It formed part of a low light, slow shutter speed photo shoot, which explored the senses and offered an unusual perspective on some ‘everyday’ things – one of the pleasures constantly available to us via photography.

And now for the chocolate lovers among you, here is a studio pic that’s perhaps more to your taste – a basket of easter eggs photographed on our light table (one of the best investments ever for product photography) with the help of two soft-boxes and an additional light from below; all three lights flashing in sync:

Basket of easter eggs

But what is Easter without people to appreciate it, in particular little ones, starting with an easter egg hunt in the garden? We’ve been having a wonderful time with our grand-daughter Mykaela, who delighted in the hunt and is sharing some bounty with her mom in this photo:

Easter egg hunt in progress

Dave manned our video cameras during the hunt, doing a preliminary shoot-out between the Canon XF100 and Canon XF300. These two masterpieces are more than worthy of a dedicated article, which he will be publishing here soon . . . so don’t rush into a purchase without getting the low down!

Wishing you all a magical day, full of memorable moments, captured for the fun of it with a handy camera 🙂

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