visual marketing using photos and/or videos

Powerful Portfolio Books

When you think about photo albums, all sorts of variations may come to mind, perhaps featuring weddings, personal photo shoots or family holidays, to name a few. But how about showcasing your company or your work projects in a powerful way? This is one of the specialist applications that we apply to portfolio books, ranging from high-end, leather-bound options with individual presentation boxes, to more affordable, quality versions, all of which can uniquely highlight who you are and what you do.

One of our esteemed clients, the Barrow Group, have capitalized on this opportunity to showcase their exceptional construction work, such as for their iconic Metropolis on Park building in Sandton, Johannesburg. Above is a sneak peek at the beautiful top-of-the-range photo book that we designed and delivered for them, along with 10 mid-range versions, all finished to exacting standards. As an example, these can offer the means to share an exquisite summary of the building in its reception area, as well as provide personal gifts for key stakeholders. Here is another pic, showing the personalized front cover with the Metropolis on Park logo.

We captured photos and footage from the start of the development, when blasting began, right through significant milestones to completion of this 13 story masterpiece, which is topped by penthouses. Photographing the fabulous launch party enhanced our scope of content with warm, engaging images of people enjoying themselves in and around the building, reflecting the exclusive luxury lifestyle that it offers. We created a similar series of unique portfolio books for Barrow’s phenomenal Katherine & West building in Sandton, which was voted the Coolest Building in Jozi. That featured some of the select installations of business tenants, in addition to captivating penthouse spreads. For both projects, we included breath-taking aerial perspectives using drone technology.

For years, we have used a similar A3 sized, leather-bound portfolio book to support the marketing of our company, Outdoor Video & Photographic. It features a double page spread for each of the primary genres of photography that we offer, including wildlife. This has served us brilliantly at countless introductory meetings, giving prospective clients an immediate idea of the quality and style of our work, and establishing common ground with those who share our passion for wildlife. If you fancy raising your marketing game with a powerful portfolio book, then feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We’d love to connect with you.

In the meantime, to find out more about the exceptional residential apartments available for sale and to rent at ‘Sandton’s Most Beautiful Address‘, please visit the Metropolis on Park website . . . and prepare to be enchanted!

Avianto Location Shoot Venue

How to Select a Location

Dreaming of the perfect place for your next location shoot? That’s a good thing. Dreams offer great food for thought, ideas for settings and inspiration for magic to happen when you step in front of that camera lens. Then there’s the practical side of pulling it all together and ensuring stunning photo and video results that can positively impact your success and that of your business in so many ways. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider various indoor and/or outdoor venue options, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions in your area. Continue reading “How to Select a Location”

OV&P 5 Star Videos & Photos

Show Reels . . . or Not?

We at OV&P sometimes wonder about what our new or potential clients would most like to see in terms of samples of our work, and whether or not show reels are the answer. Given that they can provide a concise, high impact summary of relevant footage, this approach can be effective. As an example, here is our brand new, market specific show reel that we have created for the hospitality industry: Continue reading “Show Reels . . . or Not?”

Revolution Evolution Summit

Entrepreneur Summit

Calling all entrepreneurs: a powerhouse group of South African and Canadian experts will be coming together on 20 and 21 July 2016 at the beautiful Capital Moloko venue in Sandton, Johannesburg. Our OV&P team will be there to capture all the action, so join us for a supercharged breakaway from the hustle and bustle. Be inspired, empowered and network with dynamic, like-minded people, while lifting your business to the next level. Continue reading “Entrepreneur Summit”

The Capital Moloko Hotel & Conference Centre

How To Promote Your Event

Various factors contribute to the successful promotion of your event, with particularly powerful ones being relevant, high quality photography and videography. This is because great visual marketing provides you with the means to inspire and excite prospective delegates by drawing them into the experience they will have at your function. A special example is The Passionate Professional’s Evolution Revolution Summit for entrepreneurs, which takes place on 20 – 21 July at The Capital Moloko hotel and conference centre in Sandton, Johannesburg. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to lift your business to a whole new level, follow that link to discover how significantly you can benefit from this exceptional event. Continue reading “How To Promote Your Event”

FirstRand Community Projects

FirstRand Sets the Standard

We at OV&P are privileged to have a number of well-known and respected corporates, that lead the way in various industries in South Africa, as our esteemed clients. The opportunity to assist them in creating inspirational videos and photographic portfolios to tell their story is something we truly value. I would say that the deep sense of satisfaction we experience when we are complimented on a job well done is probably the most rewarding feeling a creative team can have. It is one of the key factors that keeps us focussed on exceeding our clients’ expectations, by always going the extra mile and not compromising on excellence. Continue reading “FirstRand Sets the Standard”