Capital Property Fund’s Impressive Portfolio

Capital Property Fund Construction

We find tremendous fulfillment in assisting our clients to showcase their portfolios of products and services, such as the impressive construction work by the Capital Property Fund. This has recently included capturing a number of their outstanding projects in still images and video.

Aerial filming and photography really comes into its own in terms of doing justice to buildings and architecture, providing the opportunity for superb exterior and interior perspectives. This is particularly effective for significant spaces, as in the case of Capital Property Fund’s industrial project at Raceway Business Park, featured in the following video that we had the privilege and pleasure of creating for them.

Aerial Video

At 41,000 sq m, the construction calls for shooting from above, which we achieved through the use of a drone. This also helps to establish the surrounding environment for potential viewers, while flying inside the building contributes to dynamically conveying the extent of available space.

A key service we offer is to shoot a combination of still and moving images, which fulfills a variety of requirements for our clients, often from the same shoot. We then have the option to effectively incorporate some of the photographs into their video, using subtle animation to add impact, like we did in this instance. A variety of titles, transitions, branding, sound, voice-over and special effects can also be added, as per our client’s specifications.

To find out more about Capital Property Fund’s exceptional offering and property portfolio, please visit their website at And don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can best assist you in showcasing your work by harnessing the power of still images and video, in order to maximize the marketing potential of your message. We’re passionate about helping our clients in this way, and would be delighted to explore options with you.

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