Behind The Scenes Stealth

Dave Estment Videographer with Assistant

Without giving any of the game away, here’s a little insight into some great fun we had this weekend, supporting Mike du Preez and his Blue Ice Productions team in assisting House of Brave to capture footage and photos for their brilliant Loerie Awards entry. As a brief intro, above is a pic of Dave explaining some features on our gun-and-run Canon XF100 video camera to our lovely assistant Ilana.

Our specific task was deliciously stealth-oriented, with Dave’s focus being on setting up the scene from a GoPro point of view. He rigged two Hero 3+ Black and two Hero 3 Silver GoPro cameras and three LED lights to film unsuspecting volunteers in a heart-racingly funny scenario. Big thanks to the guys at Action Gear for all of their ongoing support, including for this shoot, which we really appreciate. In the process, Dave’s best boy scout experience was called into play because we started out at dawn in Jo’burg winter. This meant that super glue didn’t stick to anything in the shivering 1 degree temperature. No stopping Dave, of course. An ex-toolmaker by trade, his experience came in handy, combined with duct tape and zip ties.

Meanwhile, I was treated to testing the stealthy combination of a D800 camera and 80 – 400mm F4.5 – 5.6 AFS VR lens from Nikon SA, capturing behind the scenes shots of the considerable action and the entire creative team at work. What a delight! Like each of Nikon’s cameras and lenses, these are designed to fulfill specific needs and the combination was perfect for the job at hand. Relatively light and maneuverable, particularly when compared to some of the larger and heavier pro bodies and lenses, these gave me complete freedom to roam the various settings and snipe away unnoticed – facilitated by the excellent zoom capability of this lens, which allows for shallow depth of field focus that is so effective for portraiture and other subjects.

Mike du Preez of Blue Ice Productions

Videographer with Camera

The tremendous resolution of the Nikon D800 camera, which boasts a massive 36 megapixels, contributed to great results, with just a couple of fun photos featured here, including the ones above of Mike and his cameraman Stuart in action. Sincere thanks to him for the opportunity to participate and all the best to House of Brave for their Loerie Awards entry!

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