AMiD Expo 2013

Top SA Motorcycle Racers with Promo Ladies

As headline sponsors of our Rock ’n Ride 4 Rhino project, Yamaha SA invited us to participate at the 2013 AMiD (Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors) Motorcycle Lifestyle Show. What a blast! It was great to see South Africa’s top racing talent (some of whom are pictured above, with other hot talent ;-)) and hear what they had to say about their careers on superbikes, motocross and enduro bikes.

Yamaha set the bar with a stunning stand, which Dave had a ball filming, as you can see:

Dave Estment filming at 2013 AMiD Expo

It’s always worth making the extra effort to position yourself for the best shot, as well as adding in creative angles and techniques. Dave was also well prepared to tackle the challenging sound and lighting conditions, using a host of manual settings on our Canon XF300 video camera to optimize these. He toured the extensive expo spotlighting some of the action, including more, pretty promo girls of course:

Yamaha motorcycles & lovely ladies

Yamaha riders & promo ladies at AMiD Expo 2013

While he worked on staying focussed, or so I choose to believe :-), I handled the event photography, using our Nikon D3 camera body and two lenses that covered the zoom requirements comfortably, namely a Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 and Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8, along with Nikon’s sublime Speedlight SB-910. Here are links to our Facebook albums, featuring lots more images from the show: AMiD Expo and AMID Expo.

There’s such pleasure in strong photography and videography teamwork, as well as tremendous added value for the client. It plays out in powerful alchemy that improves final results immeasurably. We’re well aware of how fortunate we are to have shared the passion for both over more than a decade.

If you’re aspiring to one of these disciplines, we’d definitely suggest developing a relationship with someone who’s pursuing the other – opening up the opportunity for both of you to learn and share ideas, along with mutual work referrals.

To end on a high note, here’s the vibrant video that Dave created for Yamaha. Enjoy!

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