SABC2 50/50 TV Insert

50/50 TV Presenter James Steyn

What a privilege and pleasure it is to play a role in sharing a newsworthy story with a wide viewership. This is the case with our national Safari Guide of The Year competition, which we captured in still images and video towards the end of November 2013. For more information, also about the winners, follow this link to our article Safari Guide of the Year 2013.

Following the edit that Dave completed to align our footage with relevant requirements, his 6 minute insert will be aired on SABC2’s 50/50 program on the 14th of April. This is South Africa’s popular wildlife and nature TV show that covers conservation and environmental subjects. Above is a photo of James Steyn, 50/50 presenter and leading expert in the safari guiding industry, who presents the insert and was one of the competition judges, as well as being in charge of the shooting assessments. The image below shows James at the range, explaining the exercises to the finalists, with Dave filming him.

Safari Guide of the Year Contestants

For those of you who aren’t able to watch live, the insert will become available via the 50/50 YouTube channel about two weeks later. Knowing first hand how compelling the content and nature of this competition is, we highly recommend that you take a look. Conceived to pay tribute to the custodians of our inherited wildlife, the competition also provides a platform for sharing insight into what these safari guides really do and the key role they play in contributing to the unforgettable experience of local and foreign visitors alike to this country’s magnificent game lodges.

Of course, all the aspects of professional videography need to be addressed in order to successfully share this type of coverage with as many people as possible, here at home and across the world. The competition week incorporated lots of hard work, long hours of shooting and plenty of fun with the exceptional group of participants. Extensive editing followed, starting with the 10,5 hours of raw footage that we shot. This was combined with script writing and the full range of technical and creative input that is required.

The joy of the job, calibre of people involved, wildlife encounters and everything else that made this an experience of a lifetime had us loving every moment. So be sure to catch this glimpse into the action and excitement that went down in the Kruger National Park during the Safari Guide of The Year finals for 2013. The top 8 candidates were grilled to the limit of their abilities in shooting heavy calibre rifles under pressure, guiding, tracking and various other disciplines. You don’t want to miss this!

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