2015 SA Best Photographic Blog

THX AGAIN Scrabble Letters

THANKS AGAIN to all of you who voted for our website for 2015 SA Best Photographic Blog, as well as to all of the judges and organisers of the competition. We were grateful to win this award last year, and now to be selected as runner-up to South Africa’s premier online camera store, Orms Direct. Sincere congratulations to their team, as well as to all the other winners and runners-up. As our country’s equivalent to B&H in the USA, Orms leads the way here in delivering superb service, as well as a phenomenal range of photography and videography equipment to our market.

It’s no co-incidence that we have supported Orms for the 15 years that we have been in business, often finding exactly what we need at the most reasonable price available. Recently discovering their blog, we are similarly impressed by the excellent content that they publish, covering a range of interesting and insightful topics for their readers. Given their exceptional profile and network, all of which contributes to raising the bar in the SA Blog Awards competition, we are particularly proud of our runner-up award.

Thank you also to our entire OV&P team, who play such a significant role in our photo and video shoots, and by extension our online content. Our success is truly based on the power of teamwork. Special shout out and thanks also to everyone who reads our blog posts and our e-newsletters, since all of our content is inspired by you. We will continue to bring you the best that we can in terms of insight and inspiration relating to how you can harness the power of photography and videography in order to successfully promote your company or career.

The richness that these mediums contribute to our own marketing mix and that of our valued clients expands constantly, embracing new technologies that Orms is so adept at supplying, which amplify our mutual success in so many ways. Congratulations again to them on their well-deserved win.

Here’s to our South African blogging community growing on a world-class level!

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